• Nurture improves outcomes

    Nurture improves outcomes

  • Nurture and nature are one

    Nurture and nature are one

  • At the root of nurture is breastfeeding

    At the root of nurture is breastfeeding

  • Science begins with nurture

    Science begins with nurture

Does nurture need its own science?

To some the word nurturescience is an oxymoron, nurture and science do not fit together. Neuroscience developed in the old paradigm of maternal-infant separation. Nurturescience now engulfed or embedded in current neuroscience paradigms, and needs dissecting out and given prominence as a science.

What is actually “nurture”?

Nurture is a broad term including feeding as in suckling and nourishment, extending to the development of the child, as well as the developmental concept distinguishing “nature versus nurture”.

ALL THREE qualify under the banner of NURTURESCIENCE.


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